In a post COVID-19 world, our health and sustainability is now the most important part of our lives. This trip teaches the students how livelihoods have been affected and how they can help with innovation and creation. This kind of activity supports students to learn valuable skills such as cooperation and communication. These occasions are a chance for them to apply what they have learned at school in real life scenarios and practice quick reactions when confronting practical situations. Students are grouped into teams and tasks are allocated to them that they have to complete within set rules and boundaries.


  1. Financial Acumen: Students are given a limited amount of money with which they can complete the task at hand. This task enables students to be financially astute.
  2. Conservation and Sustainability: This task helps students understand why they need to help regenerate the earth and preserve nature. They will also learn about new possibilities to sustain their livelihood.
  3. Camaraderie: Teams have to work in cooperation with one another in order to achieve their goal, which teaches them collaboration and working in harmony with one another.
  4. Problem Solving: Leadership skills are experienced as the students have to solve problems and make decisions that will bring them closer to their goal.

There are three themes of the trip:

  1. Planning the trip: The teams have to plan their activities that get them closer to their goal.
  2. Executing the trip: The teams have to carry out the activities that they have planned.
  3. Documenting the trip: Once the goals have been achieved, the teams have to present their journey to the other teams.

What do students learn?

  1. Teamwork
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Financial acuity
  4. Sustainability towards others
  5. Taking lead/responsibility.

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