Saya Adventures is an initiative to invite individuals and companies to trek and be with nature. Our philosophy is to Go Beyond. Go beyond what your mind thinks it's capable of doing, go beyond your own physical limits when others tell you what you can and cannot do… Go beyond that. We believe the human mind can do much more than what we think and believe we can.

At Saya Adventures, we invite and encourage everyone to experience these Treks and Adventure Trips, be in the lap of nature, feel the pure energy of the universe, experience trust and vulnerability in every moment, feel connected and wholesome, and at times feel the loss of ego and control… To experience all these aspects that test and try the human limits and then Go Beyond.

People doubt what they don’t know, resist what they don’t understand, and cling to what’s familiar. It’s a longing for safety that sacrifices freedom and growth. Some even fear for their mental and physical health but do nothing about it.

Saya Adventures endeavours to be the leading outdoor and adventure company in India. We cater to various activities such as Trekking the specifically Himalayas and Western Ghats Treks, Forest trails, High altitude trekking, Camping, River Rafting, Forest Safaris, Corporate Team Building Events, Outdoor Experiential Learning Events, Ropes and Water-based Activities and many other activities as well.

Through our Network Partners, We also conduct awareness sessions about Rural Developmental, Promote Argo-Tourism, Assist as volunteers for Beach Clean-Up Drives and Enable Medical Camps in Rural India.

At Saya Adventures, your safety is our main priority. Our outdoor leaders and instructors have significant experience with outdoor activities and work very hard to make sure that each event/trek will always be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Basic first aid box is always available during our treks.

About Trekking:

With access to travel easily available, Trekking is becoming very popular, especially as new suitable places for trekking are being discovered very regularly. These locations are generally untouched or are unheard of, as they are in remote locations where adventure becomes synonymous with the place names.

The most important factor why trekking is very prevalent in India is its unique geographical features. This has helped Trekking to grow tremendously in the last 5 – 10 years. 

In terms of the beauty of our country, from Kanyakumari district to Kashmir, every bit of the country possesses some of the great altitudes that can be conquered if you have the real interest and willpower. Heights from 2000 feet to 20000 feet with tough trekking trails throughout are scattered across the length and breadth of our country.

There are winter special treks, summer treks, monsoon treks, autumn treks and all year treks with plenty of surprises waiting at each turn and curve.

The Western Ghats, the Eastern Ghats, the Sahyadri and the Himalayas etc are the major ranges at several locations with hundreds of trekking points within them. All of them equally present the best adventurous moments to each trekker. 

Boulder filled pathways, the continuous steeps, the forested areas, the beautiful waterfalls, the impressive greenery on the meadows, the glaciers, the rocky structures, the narrow gorges, the high passes and the mesmerizing mountains are the famous ingredients of almost all treks. The altitudes which are the host for trekkers are promised to keep their guests thrilled and the sunrise or sunset views along with the magnificent views of the surrounding will co-operate with the summit.

When we talk about the summits, the Himalayas in the North and the Western Ghats in the South get some priorities since the most number of trekking options are available at these ranges. Every trekking expedition in the Himalayas is a lifetime remembering experience.

Simultaneously, in the Western Ghats, there are the verdant green forests and grasslands to explore always.

In the Sahyadri and in the North East part of India too, there are several trekking options in the form of historical buildings, ruins, mountains tops and much more. There will not be a status saying India is out of options for trekking. Search for your perfect fit and become an addict of the marvellous adventure activity that is trekking in India. 

Why Saya Adventures:

  1. Proven Track Record with High-Quality Experience

  2. Focused and Smaller Groups for Treks and Adventures Events (6 – 15 Guests per trip)

  3. Exceptional Certified Guides

  4. Top of the Line Gear and Equipment

  5. Clean and Hygienic Stay and Meals

  6. Comprehensive Risk Management

  7. Accommodating Transfer Policy and Forgiving Refund Policy

  8. Knowledgeable and Timely Customer Service

  9. A lifetime of Experiences

  10. Suitable Discounts for Repeat Customers‚Äč

‚ÄčOur Vision:

To be the leader in the adventure travel industry by providing exceptional trekking and adventure activity-based experiences, in a responsible sustainable way, which enables the human mind to Go Beyond…

Our Mission:

Healthy Individuals, Healthy Communities, Healthy Earth.

Our Core Philosophy:

  1. Enable individuals to Enjoy Life on a Daily Basis

  2. We will Provide Fantastic Service at all touch points

  3. Enrich Human Capabilities

  4. Enable Individuals to Go Beyond

The People in Charge

Yogesh Dani

Yogesh Dani

Yogesh Dani is the co-founder and director of Saya Leadership and Saya Adventures, skilled in Insights and MBTI and possesses many other certifications. He is a professional in Leadership and Management development programs.
Stany Mendonca

Stany Mendonca

Stany Mendonca is the co-founder and director of Saya Adventures. He has been working in the adventure and training field for 20 years. He is an expert in first aid. He also loves to travel and explore new things.
Santosh Devalkar

Santosh Devalkar

Santosh Devalkar is the co-founder and director of Saya Adventures. He is an experienced and professional Certified mountaineer with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Also has done Basic Mountaineering, Advance Mountaineering, Search and Rescue and Method of Instructions courses. Strong program and project management professional skilled in High Altitude Trekking, Rock Climbing, Instructor Development, Corporate Events, Training, and High Ropes Set-ups.
Sharmila Dani

Sharmila Dani

Sharmila Dani is the co-founder and director of Saya Leadership. Before that, she was in the aviation industry as the Cabin Chief. She is enthusiastic about playing sports and food.
Ashmita Dani

Ashmita Dani

Manager - Marketing & Communication
Ashmita Dani is skilled in MBTI and an avid learner of the psychology of the human mind. She is deeply interested in fitness and sports as well as adventure training.