Dear Trekkers and Partners,

We have started our treks with the utmost safety and precautions while also following the guidelines set forth by the respective states. Please follow the "Upcoming Treks" section for more information. For any queries or questions, contact us on +91 8850621742 or email us at

In the meanwhile, Be Safe and Healthy.

Upcoming Treks

Our Collections

Himalayan Treks - Collection

Himalayan Treks

29 Tours Starting from ₹ 4,000
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Sahyadri Treks - Collection

Sahyadri Treks

13 Tours Starting from ₹ 1,050
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Southern Treks - Collection

Southern Treks

10 Tours Starting from ₹ 1,050
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Other Trips - Collection

Other Trips

7 Tours Starting from ₹ 1,000
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Wildlife Safaris - Collection

Wildlife Safaris

10 Tours Starting from ₹ 7,175
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Who We Are

Saya Adventures is a young and dynamic company. This is an initiative to invite individuals and companies to trek and be with nature. Our philosophy is to Go Beyond. Go beyond what your mind thinks it's capable of doing, go beyond your own physical limits when others tell you what you can and cannot do… Go beyond that. We believe the human mind can do much more than what we think and believe we can…

At Saya Adventures, we invite and encourage everyone to experience these Treks and Adventure Trips, be in the lap of nature, feel the pure energy of the universe, experience trust and vulnerability in every moment, feel connected and wholesome, and at times feel the loss of ego and control… To experience all these aspects that test and try the human limits and then Go Beyond.